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We consider all options... Board certified in Neurology, Pain Medication Management and Certified for Medical Marijuana..

So how are we different?

Looking for a pill mill? NOT here!

DEA licensed to undertake medication management for pain. Let us evaluate your condition with a view to reduction or elimination of narcotics whilst reducing your pain. There is a way...Ask us about tolerance and our de-narcotizing program.

How do we do it?

We have many options including exercise therapy, chiropractic, medication management, soft tissue manipulation, manual traction, therapeutic lifestyle changes and medical marijuana may be an option for suitable patients.

Nature's Medicine

Take back control of your health, let us show you how....

About Us

Our team

Our Board Certified Harvard Trained Neurologist has over 30 years experience, from Neuro-Intensive Care (Cleveland Clinic and UCSF) to General Neurology and Pain Management.

Let our team of Medical, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy staff guide you on your path to a more active pain-free life..

Our history

 Now Scheduling Patients - Dr. Jorge Mirabelli who has worked locally for the past 8 year now has his own practice to focus on professional treatment of all patients. No unnecessary tests ordered, no ridiculous charges, just good old fashioned first class medical care.

Our mission

To find and treat the root cause of your medical problem - that begins with listening to you, no matter how many questions you may have...

We consider all options, let us help you manage your pain and get you on the path of most success and least harm..


Sign up to hear from us about our educational events. We can help you with:- Pain management, medication management, medical marijuana, auto accident, seizures, migraine, fibromyalgia, strokes, GI pain (Crohns, Diverticulitis etc), Carpal Tunnel, Work-related injury, Service-related injury (As about our special program for Veterans), Radiculopathy (including diabetes related neuropathy), Back Pain, Neck Pain... and more Neurology Services in Ormond Beach Pain Management in Daytona Beach Pain Management in Ormond Beach Pain and Neurology in Flagler Beach

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Now Scheduling patients

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So what do we do?

Medical Marijuana

Nature's own medicine now approved for prescription for specific medical conditions in the state of Florida. See box below for examples of conditions that we are able to prescribe for as medically appropriate..

Medical Marijuana Registry - Formerly the Compassionate Use registry

Let our knowledgeable staff help you through the process of registration. 


"Dr Mirabelli is life-saver" ask to see our testiminonials..

Accepting all patients

Accepting most insurances including Medicare, Tricare, Humana PPO, HMO all plans, Multiplan, Aetna, Blue Cross and more...

Un-insured Patients welcome

Now accepting patients for evaluation and treatment

Qualifying conditions include: Parkinson's, Cancer, AIDS, HIV Positive, ALS, MS, Crohn's, PTSD and certain anxiety disorders, Glaucoma, Epilepsy, Chronic Pain....

Neurology and Pain Management

Over 25 years experience makes Dr Mirabelli an expert in his field. Second opinions a speciality, from the comprehensive neurological exam to your path of a better quality of life, let us advise and guide you to a healthier life.

Auto Accident, Work Accident..

Car Wreck

Get the best treatment, our goal is to get you back to health as quickly as possible. 

Expert testimony for injury legal cases, let our experienced staff help you to ensure that you achieve maximum results.

Call us first, your health is most important

After that...let our experts guide you through the insurance maze to ensure that you have maximum benefits for all of your present and future medical expenses... 

Don't pay with your health for someone else's mistake.. 

We are here to help

386 944 9813    Let us evaluate your injuries and ensure that you have all the correct documentation... Florida law stipulates that you should receive medical evaluation within 14 days of an auto accident...don't wait..

Take a look at these!

Dramatic effects in minutes

Parkinson's Treatment with Marijuana

Parkinson's - Treatment with marijuana

What our patients are saying about us..


Please take a look..


Alan T, Daytona Beach said:

If you are old enough to remember when Dr. were Drs. not just medical providers who allow15 minutes of their time run to Compassionate Health. If you a tired of the cattle call environment and want a Dr. who is in practice to serve his fellow man not just provide wallet-ectomies then run to Compassionate Health and Managed Pain and R. Jorge Mirabelli.
Dr. Jorge Mirabelli is the King of compassionate, professional, quality Pain Management Drs.
For 14 years I have been being treated for chronic pain due to my spine (from T9 down to the base of my spine. I was fortunate enough find Dr. Mirabelli 3 years ago at a local clinic. He left that clinic for what I beleive were ethical reasons (I was never told that but that is what my gut tells me) and opened his own clinic. I was unable to find where he went and the clinic he had left would not provide any information as to where he went. After months of searching I finally found where he had gone and beat a path to his door.
Upon calling for an appointment I was informed Dr. Mirabelli sets aside an hour for your initial consult. Once I stepped through the door I began to relax. The office itself is set up to provide a soothing, calm feeling. The staff is professional, relaxed all the while showing care and concern... they are engaging and you know your situation and comfort is foremost. To top it off they make it fun and you know they are at your beck and call should you need them. When you sit with Dr. Mirabelli he takes the time to make sure he understands your problem and concerns with no regard to the amount of time it takes. He explains in detail what he feels is the best course of action for you. He listens to your feedback and is open to discuss any questions you have. His goal is to understand you, releive your pain and improve your quality of life.

I left the clinic where Dr. Mirabelli was because upon his departure they immediately switchted  my scripts and added Oxycodone IR which I had informed them (in writing and part of my medical records) was a drug I had had problems with it in the past. I was told in no uncertain terms "If you do not like the level of treatment I was receiving I could leave and seek treatment elsewhere" however I would not get any scripts today. I was also told they where going to set me up with appointment(s) for trigger point shots, epidurals and/or facet shots. I informed them I had had those before, found they didn't work and were too expensive for me. The clinic took on the feel of a cattle pen and me and my wallet were theirs for the taking. Within a few months they made 3 or 4 mistakes regarding amounts and strengths of my meds and each time it took days to correct. Twice I was told their records indicated they had not made any mistakes and I had to go to the pharmacy get the hard copy and take it to them to prove I was telling the truth.

If you want a learned human being that puts your needs first and are tired of the rat race other clinics have become RUN to Dr. Mirabelli's Compassionate Health and Managed Pain.

Are we your "cup of tea"?

If you are tired of being exploited by your "pain clinic" and want a real doctor who cares about your health...Come talk to us.

Did we tell you about this?

In house EMG/NCV studies,

Electromyography (EMG) measures muscle response or electrical activity in response to a nerve's stimulation of the muscle. The test is used to help detect neuromuscular abnormalities.

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